The Writer's Page

Published here are the words of Gestalt practitioners on their life and work, on theory and practice.

The pieces are finished or unfinished, polished or first draft.  They are published here for your interest, for feedback or to stimulate discussion.

 All rights, including copyright, of each piece are owned or controlled by the author(s).   Some will be signed, with contact information so you can talk to the author, others are signed with pseudonyms or are anonymous.   If you wish to start or join an on-line discussion about issues raised in these articles, links to the Gestalt Practitioner's Forums and the Neighborhood Forums of The Gestalt Therapy Network are included.  All authors understand there might be conversations or reactions about their pieces on the Forums and may or may not participate in these.

We hope you are touched, informed, and engaged by some of these writings.  

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