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By Taylor Stoehr, Ph.D.

(The substance of this article was the opening presentation of the Gestalt Journal's annual conference, April 3, 1992, in Boston. Stoehr died recently in Boston on September 4th, 1913.)


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  • Participation on this forum is limited to Gestalt practitioners in private practice, clinical, academic or training settings, Gestalt coaches or management trainers and organizational development consultants, and to trainees in ongoing Gestalt therapy training programs. Includes links to the new Writer's Page.
  • All topics relevant to Gestalt therapy.  Talk to your colleagues from all over the world and to Gestalt students and trainees.
  • Where connections can be made and information shared.

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  • The Forum for professionals and non-professionals —  open to ALL persons interested in Gestalt theory and practice and all topics relevant to Gestalt Therapy.
  • Share Your Viewpoint and Expertise!  We receive many requests – for referrals to therapists and trainers, book and video suggestions, other miscellaneous inquiries from the general public  and  other professionals.
  • Welcomes views and reflections by Gestalt students, practitioners, trainers, trainees and educators — on the daily life of their practice, their evolution as a trainee or professional, their fears and dreams, and their concerns about Gestalt therapy.
  • Where connections can be made and information shared.
  • Monitor and participate in the new Gestalt Therapy Referral Service.

    It is a monumental task to gather all available Gestalt therapy resources.  Working together we can build a comprehensive catalogue of Gestalt references in all languages!  Add your own publications or contribute to the community effort by adding the works of others.  Now you can e-mail us your list of references Go to the page to send the references or for information on how the refereence should appear. Add to the growing international Library of Gestalt resources and references — a book, a journal, an article, conference presentation, DVD's, videos or electronic media.  The Gestalt Therapy Network will compile the data and make it available.  
We work together to build an international listing of Gestalt resources and references.

  • THE GESTALT PRACTITIONERS REFERRAL BOARD  - Now available on The Practitioners and Neighborhood Forums  
    A worldwide referral request network for Gestalt practitioners.    Need a referral for a client?  Post a request here!  Available to Gestalt therapists from all over the world, who can contact you privately by e-mail if they have a suggestion in the geographic area you have requested.

    Here you will find case studies, clinical vignettes, transcripts — successes and failures, polished and unpolished, with commentary and without — all examples of the Gestalt practitioner at work.  They represent the breadth and scope of the Gestalt approach and the varied styles of those whose work is at heart guided by Gestalt theoretical principles.

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