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Taylor Stoehr, Ph.D., a Professor of English Literature at the University of Massachusetts Boston, died Sept. 14, 2013. He is lovingly remembered by all his family, friends, the many students and colleagues from his years of teaching, the Gestalt Therapy Community, the probationers whose lives he touched, the garden groups and poetry groups he inspired, the readers of his many books and poems, and all those he met in his daily life. His interest in people was insatiable and in his heart he included us all, recognizing and valuing us as we do him. We will be celebrating his life at a Memorial in July of 2014.
(Published in The Boston Globe on September 22, 2013)

In 1992, Professor Taylor Stoehr was the Keynote Speaker at the Gestalt Journal's annual conference on the Theory and Practice of Gestalt Therapy in Boston, Massachusetts.

"Paul Goodman and The Political Dimensions of Gestalt Therapy"

The substance of this article was the opening presentation of the Gestalt Journal's annual conference, April 3, 1992, in Boston. Professor Stoehr has edited his speech for publication in the Journal adding brief remarks at the opening and a longer new section in conclusion. Professor Stoehr is Goodman's literary executor, and has edited a dozen volumes of his writings, including Nature Heals: The Psychological Essays, available in a new edition from the Gestalt Journal Press. He has also written a number of books on literary and cultural topics, and teaches English at the University of Massachusetts at Boston.

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