The aim of this directory is to offer as much information as possible about the individual practitioners listed. It is not a form of licensing, certification, professional membership listing or any other type of approval. Anyone with training in Gestalt practice who wished to be included appears. The editor is unable to pass judgments on the professional abilities of those listed.

Our purpose is to provide consumer information for those of you who interested in using the services of those included.
We have tried here to provide as much information as possible about the education, training, background, professional standing, and personal philosophy of those included. Use this information as a general guide but remember to use your contact with, and judgment of, a potential therapist to make the final decision.

The listings are organized by country.  They are searchable by subcategories such as state, province, postal code, education, training and more.  Practitioners are responsible for entering and updating their own listings.  Feel free to contact individual practitioners if you want more information.

Gestalt practitioners from all over the world are listed in this directory, most representing the highest standards of training and integrity.  The Gestalt Therapy Network welcomes the feedback of both consumers and Gestalt practitioners. Please let us know if you find any mistakes, discrepancies, or misleading information or if you have any suggestions for improvement in The Gestalt Directory by e-mailing the Network:  directory@gestalttherapy.net