Dear Directory Listee:

Listing Alert - It's time to check your listing!   

Read these instructions then go to your listing.

We have gone over the Directory and found many of your listings need to be updated, need corrections to conform to the instructions, contain spelling errors, and some of you have links that do not work.  This letter contains detailed information to help you correct your listing.

Check all your vital statistics such as address and telephone number and website.  

Dates of your training:  This was not a requirement a few years ago. It is now!  Please go to your listing and include yours.  Exceptions: If you attended many individual professional training workshops you can approximate the dates or leave the dates out, but you must put the names of the workshop leaders -- just writing "Esalen" is not good enough and will be deleted if not changed.  

Please pay attention to these three areas which contain the most common mistakes or inconsistencies:

1) Highest earned degree / Institution/ Year graduated: 
Example:  MSW/Univ. of Pennsylvania/65.  Three items - each one must be included.

NO Institute, training or other certificates should be included in this category.  Those belong in your "Training," "Related Training" section or in your "Statement."

2) State or Provincial License, Registration or Certification: Title & Number: 
Example: Clinical Psychologist, Virginia #117409
State, Provincial or Federal only.  
Include the State in which you are licensed!

NO Institute, training or other certificates should be included in this category.  Those belong in your "Training," "Related Training" section or in your "Statement."

If your country follows a different system for licensing or certification enter the appropriate information for your country.  But do not put training certification in this category.

3) Training in Gestalt Practice:  Examples: Gestalt Institute of San Francisco, 1975 - 1976  or Completed Three Year Post-Graduate Training Program at Gestalt Institute of Cleveland in 1980.

The training must take place in programs or workshops designated specifically for training in some form of Gestalt Practice (e.g. Therapy, Organizational Development, Coaching, etc.)  Include year(s) and duration of training. This area must be filled out in order for you to be listed in The Gestalt Directory.

Personal growth workshops or seminars belong in the category: "Related Training and Experience."  Some of you listed workshops under training whose leaders were not Gestalt therapists.

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Remember - there is no fee for your listing and the Directory is based on the honor system and individual and community effort in its maintenance as a professional resource.  The Gestalt Network provides the server space, the software and the continued support of a strong internet presence for Gestalt therapy. Please help us and do your part.
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Molly Rawle, M.S.W.
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