Together we can build an international listing of Gestalt resources and references.

Contributions in all languages are invited!  Send us one or more references — for books, articles, journals, conferences, papers, audiotapes, videos and traditional and on-line media.

e-mail your reference(s) to:

References must conform to the author-date system of reference.  

For guidelines on how to do this go to our Reference Guideline page and look for the style which applies to your reference or resource. 

Or consult APA's style rules and guidelines which are set out in a reference book called The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

 This Gestalt bibliograpy and reference tool is built by all of our contributions and is essential to the future of Gestalt therapy. You send us your contributions and The Gestalt Therapy Network compiles them and makes them available.   Many students and professionals download the Bibliography daily -- be sure and include your work, or the work(s) of others.


E-mail us to let us know of other bibliographies in any language we can offer to the Gestalt community.

Created by Gestalt therapists for the Gestalt Community!


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